An international market research about
The Russian E-learning and EdTech Market

What this research is about

In spite of numerous researches about the Russian education market, its technological components have never been analyzed as such and comprehensively. In partnership with leading Russian and international organizations, this research aims to fill this gap.

We aim to analyze the Russian edtech market in its various dimensions, highlight its trends, identify its key players, study its business models as well as the related investment activity and legal environment.

Special focus is being made on the international dimension: to which extent have foreign players penetrated the Russian market, and what is the potential of Russian technologies on the global market.


  • Introduction

    Global context: key market numbers, concepts, technologies and business overview
  • Part 1

    The Russian EdTech market: structure and size, e-learning penetration, players, business models, trends and forecast
  • Part 2

    Investment activity: investor typology, main investment deals since 2012, trend analysis and forecasts, investor interviews
  • Part 3

    Legal environment and government policies
  • Part 4

    The globalization of Russian EdTech: international players on the Russian market and russian EdTech players on the global market
The full report in Russian and English will be released in September
The report will be made available for download at no charge

Who we are

This study is being conducted by East-West Digital News, a tech news and research agency dedicated to the Russian tech market, in partnership with leading market research companies and centers of expertise as well as top industry executives and government officials.

How the research is being conducted

We use the most reliable data and information from:

  • Survey agency FOM
  • Higher School of Economics
  • The state statistic service
  • Database of legislation

We organize additional surveys

  • On the phone
  • Online panels
  • Focus groups

We interview

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investors
  • Lawmakers
  • and a variety of experts

Get in touch

We welcome any research partnership, editorial contribution or sponsorship proposal. Please contact us at

You should definitely reach out to us if you would like to:

  • share market data and/or expertise
  • republish the best excerpts of the report via your channels
  • discuss with us sponsorship opportunities as well as further research or event initiatives

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